The region occupies the south-eastern part of Attica Mesogeia and Laureotica natural limits Hymettus and Pendeli boasts significant historical and archaeological sites and rural activities such as the cultivation of vines and olives, which were the basis from which initiated and developed the economic, social and cultural prosperity of ancient Athens.

Our company, third generation winemakers (grandfather - grandson) active in wine production area since 1932 cultivating the variety Savatiano our own vineyards in Kalyvia Attica as well as cooperating producers from the region Mesogeia and other areas.

Founder grandfather Dimitris successor Evangelos Angel father and now the brothers Kostas & Dimitri Angelou vinification of grape Mesogeia land of Attica and various wine-growing regions of Greece became our family tradition.

Starting in 1932, the grandfather Dimitris Angelou with traditional wine press that was missing from most mesogeitika homes and every winemaking period of time, looked like an unending feast struggling with time to prevent each producer to supply the must taverns and Athens restaurants for the production of retsina storied Mesogeia.

IMAG0081Then the father Evangelos Angelou taking the baton winemaker early 1970s equips the old winery with the engineering through the season always serving the production of quality wines vinification and other varieties except Savatiano.

 Since the early 90s begins a new era where Kostas and Dimitris Angelou changing all data with the most modern instrument in the evolution of wine making and applying all modern winemaking and processing methods have to show its wines results are divided even in abroad.

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