Angelou Winery Since 1932


Our company, third generation of winemakers –from the grandfather to the grandson- is engaged in the production area of ​​both white and red wines.

The biographical portrait of our wines begins in 1932.

Our founder -grandfather Dimitris -successor -Evangelos Angelou- father and brothers today Kostas & Dimitris Angelou verification of grape Mesogeia land of Attica and various wine-growing regions of Greece became our family tradition



Winery Keratea

3 Athinas str. 
19001  Keratea
Phone : 22990 42130

NionStore Nea Ionia

12 Nigdis str.
14233 Nea Ionia
Phone. 210 2711248

kalivia shop
Shop Kalivia


30 28th October str.
19010 Kalivia
Phone : 22990 48621

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